Romantic Monday! Bonfire Effect Chapter 3~~

Romantic Monday 

The Bonfire Effect

Chapter 3-The Dance Of Destiny

The Bonfire Effect, Chapter 1

The Bonfire Effect, Chapter 2

It was the longest school day ever….3:30 couldn’t come fast enough.  Was it a date or was it just “hanging out” with a new friend?  Both Dash and Judy wanted it to be a date, but rules must be followed.

Woman at left is painter Suzanne Valadon

Shall we dance, My Sweet Baboo?
Photo credit Wikepedia

The delicious yet excruciating waltz of looks, words and gestures two people engage in when discovering if friendship will turn to love must be danced.  Sadly, no one knows  if one or both partners  will choose love until the music stops.

Protocol demands that this step cannot be omitted from the order of things. The waltz must take place before either tips their hand. 

They were not yet aware of it , but Dash and Judy could not have avoided this dance.  It was written somewhere long ago that they should meet.  God, fate and the universe had put them both at that bonfire for a reason.  This was not to be a casual and wistfully remembered college romance.  But for now, Hey! Let’s party!

Dash was already sitting on one of the many outdated sofas in the lobby of the dorm when Judy arrived.  He was cool as a cucumber on the outside, appearing to be reading a newspaper.  Judy bounced in and sat down beside him.  

“Hi! Whatcha doing?” she asked.

“Just reading the paper.” He said.

“Anything good in there?”

“Nope, just about to read the comics.”  It was a Sunday paper, filled with a large page of colored comics, the images just begging to be sucked off onto a blob of Silly Putty.

“Cool!  That’s about the only part of the paper I ever read.” Ohmygawd! Did I really just say that? 

Judy leaned in close to Dash and started poring over the pages.   

It was almost more than he could stand, being so close to her.  She felt it too.  Something was happening to them.  There they sat. Reading those comics.   The kids came and went.  The sun set, dinner was served in the dining hall.  They missed it.  Dash snuck a look at the clock after a time.  2 hours!  She’s been sitting here with me for over 2 hours!  I can’t believe she’s still here.  This is so bitchin! 

After actually sitting down and talking to her for all this time, Dash discovered that Judy was not the ditz that he feared she might be.  She was smart, she was funny, and she was adorable.  He didn’t even care admitting to himself that this girl had him eating out of her tiny little hand.  

The tension between them was as thick as whatever goop the DeBarge Family used to hold their curls intact.  The people walking by could even feel it.  Get a room, you two! Ralph!!! 

Dash knew this was big.  Really big.  He could feel a change taking place in himself.  If he would have known what DNA was in 1983, he would have said that this girl was being absorbed onto his.  Scientists have said that first love and the lasting impact is a real phenomenon.  There is no way you can ever forget them.  Just the thought of one’s first love can evoke powerful emotions.  

Even though Dash’s parents had divorced, he had a the benefit of a loving, close-knit family.  His parents were wise and had taught him well.  He knew that Judy was the girl already.  He would later say that it was this seemingly simple time in the dorm lobby where she was “forever burned onto my soul”.  The hour was getting late, he had ignored his studies and missed dinner, yet he could not tear himself away from this girl who would be a part of him for the rest of his life.  

Dash felt helpless, giving in so fast.  But he knew that he would love this strange girl in the red boots for the rest of his days.  He had been brought up in a family of faith, and he could feel the becoming of one flesh taking place and altering him forever.  

Poor Judy Jetson, what a sad and frail little thing.  So scared, so fragile.  Like a unicorn fashioned from glass. One of a kind,  an odd creature not to be believed, appearing to be hard and shiny, but one blow could shatter her.  She floated by the seat of her pants, struggling each and every day for the acceptance and love she craved so badly.    

She knew nothing of relationships.  The sage advice on love she had received from her parents had been “If you get pregnant, we’ll kill you.”  All she knew was what she felt.  In this brief time, sitting here like this, she was transformed.  This boy, this wonderful boy, really wanted to know her.  He listened, he laughed at what she said.  His smile was honest, and she found every cell in her body aching for him. No one had seen her this way before.  She hadn’t wanted to let anyone close enough to see who she really was.   She wanted to be his forever. But could she maintain it?  Did she have it in her to have  love without crushing the life out of it?    Could she make this boy a part of each of her tomorrows, when she wasn’t capable of living past today?   

Of course, not a word of this was spoken.  The electricity between the two became so intense it could almost be heard crackling.  But neither was able to take that first step just yet, and so the grueling and wonderful waltz of flirtation continued.

After a few days of spending time together, doing mundane college type things like watching tv, doing laundry, buying a 12 pack at the liquor store that never checked ID’s, Dash had finally had enough, he couldn’t take it one more minute.  

“Judy, would you like to go on a “Real Date” with me this Friday?”  Hope hope hope hope.  Why am I so nervous? I know she likes me. 

Finally!  What took you so long?  I thought you’d never ask! Judy was started to think that she had somehow ended up in the dreaded Friend Zone, and had begun to give up hope.  

“I’d LOVE to!” 

Where will this all end up?
Wouldn’t YOU like to know.

34 thoughts on “Romantic Monday! Bonfire Effect Chapter 3~~

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  2. Alrighty Cheeky Lady…. I need an “about” recipe for those sammiches we was talkin bout! 🙂
    I want to make a nive super lean version for Jon and myself (we are dropping pounds these days) and I just want to know what kind of spices go in? Flavor profiling kind of thing… Onion? Garlic? Saucy or dry? Yay or nay? That sort of thing. I’m heading to the store this afternoon so I’m really praying hard that you get this in time and let me know what I should get…. 🙂

    • Are you familiar with a Runza sambich? Here’s the company website.

      I will try to email you the recipe when I go to lunch. Not difficult, but time consuming and the filling has to be watched. The roll recipe worked out great for the bread by the way. I added the maximum amount of flour, just to make it have enough body. I’ll send you a picture too. Expect it within the next hour or so. 🙂

    • Awww! Thank you so much! I really appreciate all of you continuing to read Dash and Judy’s silly little story. Makes writing it easier for me, knowing people actually want to know what happens next. That’s so cool!

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  4. I love this series. Looking forward to the next chapter! I suspected we were related after the brilliant piece that got you fp’d but each time I read more, I’m increasingly convinced. “If you get pregnant, we’ll kill you”, my parents used to write that on my birthday cards.

    • Ha ha!!!– Are you kidding me? My mother actually said to my first husband when I brought him home to meet them-“Please marry our daughter, you’re her last chance.”- I was 21 years old!!!!

      • LOL! Mine told me I’d never find anyone willing to marry me BECAUSE I was such a bitch.

        Just makes you feel warm and fuzzy doesn’t it?? OMG! You and I should hang out. OR I’ll probably just see you at the next family reunion! : )

      • I won’t be there– I was shunned for writing about mom and dad, remember? I wasn’t even invited. Have a good time. If you could hack up a couple of loogies for a few key people and spit it in their beer, I’d appreciate it. I think you know who I’m talking about.

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