Romantic Monday-The Bonfire Effect Chapter 2

The Bonfire Effect

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Chapter 2

 The Lobby 

He knew the milk wasn’t spoiled.  So why was each spoonful curdling as soon as it hit his stomach?  That girl.  That silly, dorky, clumsy, awkward, fabulous girl.  What was it about her?  His heart was fluttering a little more than he wanted to admit this morning, and his friends thought he was really being a dick at breakfast because he wasn’t talking to anyone.

 Shut up, I have a headache.

His luck with girls to this point had not been good.  Sure he had dated, casually.  But he’d never even had a girlfriend to speak of.  He didn’t think he was the kind of guy girls swooned over.  He was just too shy.  He couldn’t talk to her.  But he had to find a way.  He had actually seen her quite a few times passing through the common areas of Co-Ed Hall, but she was so busy being a Valley Girl Cheerleader type she hadn’t even noticed him.  He thought she was pretty, like a lot of girls, but figured he never had a chance with a girl like that, so he had tried to just put her out of his head.

He had to wonder what happened last night.  Why  did she act like a zombie when she saw him? She seemed totally hypnotized by me.  Yay?      He should have been creeped out, but he wasn’t. He was flattered, and excited and…..and…well, and he didn’t know what else.  

He was pretty sure that she had not seen him before, and didn’t know they lived in the same dorm.  He could use that information to his advantage.  He knew he would see her in the lobby or the TV room eventually.  It was just a matter of time.  He could catch her unaware and make his move.

What move?  Pfffffttttt.  I don’t have any “moves” .  

Well, he decided.  I have to do something!

She didn’t even want to leave her room that morning.  Did everyone see her make a total ass of herself last night?  That long walk down the hallway felt as if it was her last.  Like she was walking into the Colosseum and there was a group of lions (dressed as catty girls) waiting to taunt her before eating her alive.  She couldn’t even think straight this morning.  To add injury to insult, she  burned her neck with her curling iron while getting ready this morning.  Brilliant.

Of course, she was still thinking about that boy.  That boy. That boy was all she could think about.  Who was he?  Where did he come from, and if he went to school here, why hadn’t she seen him before? He was hard to miss being so tall ...and those dimples….  And what was this….thing…she felt for him.  She was absolutely torn.  Dying to see him, yet afraid to see him too.  She’d never felt this way about a boy before.  Especially one she had never met or talked to.  One she couldn’t even get a good look at.  Even though she had stared at him for the better part of the evening. 

Okay, forget it.  It’s nothing.  You’ll probably never see him again anyway.  Yeegawds! Get yourself to class already and get over it.  I’m so sure!  Just walk through the lobby, stop at the desk to see if you have any messages and go on your merry way. 

This day was just not turning out well so far for the boy.  He couldn’t get her out of his mind, and had discovered at breakfast  that he had left the  book  for his first class back in his room.  Great!  Just great.  All the way back to the dorm.  Shit!  I’m going to be late for class. 

Okay, when you see her, just do something charming, amazing, sweep her off her tiny little red-booted feet.  She’s just a girl.   Just ask her to go out with you. You have nothing to be afraid of.  You’ve got time.  Calm down, you can figure this out later…… OR RIGHT NOW! 

There she was!  At the lobby desk.  Talking to Bob.  Ack!!! He thinks he’s so cool .  Do it, do it, DO IT!!! SAY SOMETHING ALREADY, before she leaves! 

She  turned her head just  in time to see HIM walk right up to her.  Panic and excitement had a quick battle for domination in the split second before  calling it a draw and turning her entire body to cement.  This temporary paralysis left her unable to do even so much as coyly twirl her hair to conceal the embarrassing curling iron hickey.   

Oh my goodness…..he’s not  cute…..he’s perfect……..those dimples will be the death of me………don’t just stand there like a drooling idiot!  Smile at him or something!!!! 

The boy literally towered over her.  She had to crane her neck to look him in the eye.  She was breathless.  Waiting. What would he say?  Time stood still in that beautiful and awkward moment of anticipation.  It felt like a blissful eternity before the boy said:

“My name is Dash Riprock and don’t you ever forget it.”  very matter of factly.

PUKE!  Oh for the love of all that is sacred and holy!  Did that really just come out of my mouth?  Am I cringing on the outside?  Can she see it?  She must think I am the world’s biggest loser!  Because I am!  Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!  How can you possibly dig your way out of that? 

Then he smiled. Those dimples were just the beginning.  The  dark hazel eyes of Dash Riprock had Judy Jetson under his spell.  That face had her completely undone.  

“Want to hang out for a while after class today? Meet me here at 3:30?”   Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes!!!  I love those crooked little front teeth.  She’s so tiny,  she’s so pretty.  I’ve never seen eyes like that before.  They are like blue ice.  

In an instant, her body turned from cement to jello, and she let out a sigh that was as much relief as joy. She was smitten.  Totally and completely knee deep in smit.  All she could muster was a dopey grin and an “Mmmmmmm hmmm!”

Nice save, Lurch! 


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28 thoughts on “Romantic Monday-The Bonfire Effect Chapter 2

    • 🙂 This story has a big “awwww” factor. Thanks for reading! I’m sure it will be another yawnfest at the salt mine, so I can’t wait to read everyone else’s. Thank you so much for taking the suckage our of Mondays.

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  4. This is great. I don’t generally laugh out loud, and I still didn’t, but there was a lot of laughing out loud on the inside if that makes any sense. I loved it.
    I second the hilarity of “Dash Riprock” and I love “knee deep in smit.”
    Flippin’ genius, that is.
    Thanks for making my Monday better!

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