Blogger Idol At Home Challenge-Can I have a volunteer from the audience please?

That’s right folks. I need a willing accomplice,  victim, participant to help me with this one.  This weeks’ play along involves interviewing a fellow blogger in a casual on the couch type of setting. After the interview, your new horde of fans should have a good idea of what you are all about and hopefully you may get yourself a few new followers.   In fact, if I read the rules correctly, we are actually supposed to interview each other.  The interviews can appear on my blog, and on yours.  But only one of us can submit an entry for the challenge. Confused?  Me too.  Why do you think I’m asking for help?  Here are the rules.  Maybe you smart folks can help me make sure I’m clear on this.

Hello? I need something called a “blogger” to interview. Do you have any idea what that is? I need them for Wednesday night, so figure it out.


The point of the exercise is to highlight YOUR blog, not mine.  To get people to read you.  I could pick one of my go to rave fave bloggers who I regularly spar with, but I’ve decided not to do it that way this time.  So this is an open invite.  I’m going to do this in a totally random fashion.  Any one is welcome.  Please leave a comment on this page if you wish to be considered.  The list will then be numbered, and I will choose a number at random.  I will notify you tomorrow if you are the chosen one.  Aren’t you just so excited?  Are you like, totally on pins and needles already?  I mean, like fer sher!

Once the chosen one has been selected, I will contact that person with my list of interview questions.  Good luck everyone, and thanks for playing!

Johnny, I’m a blogger, I’m not a psycho. Really! Janet Leigh was never in my shower. Ever!

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