The first ever Cheeky Diva Awards!

Hello there readers!

We blog type folks love to pass out the awards, don’t we?  We do.  What better way to give a “thank you” to our favorite fellow writers, pass on their great work to our own readers, and spread the warm fuzzies all over interweb land.

In just the last couple of weeks, other than being Freshly Pressed, I was nominated for One Lovely Blog, The Leibster Award, and the Family Of Bloggers Award.  I had also been previously nominated for the dubious Twit Sky Blogger Award.  While I do appreciate all of those and the wonderful people who nominated me, I have not had the time or the creative inspiration to handle those.  I will get to it eventually, I promise.  But I almost gave up doing this entirely after being Pressed turned into something I would just like to put behind me.

But I didn’t, because of some very much needed support from people who encouraged me that what I do on this blog is something that I should keep doing.  Spewing my own brand of dork around for those unfortunate few to stumble on and wonder WTF is this?

So, to those of you who helped me get back to work here, for various reasons, I now present you with the First Ever Cheeky Diva Award!!!!!!!

Soon to be the blogging world’s most coveted prize!

Okay, so who are the lucky winners? I know you’re DYING to find out.

1. Maddie Cochere-Breezy Books–for always encouraging me to get off my ass and write, no matter what people say.  And for being a damn fine pen pal.

2.  Edward Hotspur-for making me laugh, for answering my questions, and for giving me a lot of useful info about the blog-o-spehere

3.  Robin Coyle-for being an excellent writer who I enjoy reading.  Also yay for being a military mom, a bright spirit, and a very patient Scrabble opponent.

4. Big E and Little E at Flies Over Nebraska–It doesn’t matter what kind of mood I am in, seeing this doting father and his adorable little girl fishing the lakes of Nebraska and all the other fun Daddy/Daughter things they do, I feel better.

5.  The adorble and talented Kat at Couture Academic.  She’s so cute!  She makes sewing more fun than Project Runway–even without the help of Tim Gunn.

So, what do you have to do to get this award?  Not a damn thing.  Being who you are and doing what you do is why you got it already.  Do you want to pass it around?  Great!  I just have a few requirements, and if you follow them, it’s yours to pass around as you see fit.

1.  Make sure your winners are cheeky.  They must have a sense of humor.

2.  They must be the ones you turn to when you need inspiration or advice.

3. You have to tell the world why you think they are so fabulous.

4. You must of course, let them know.

5.  Then let ME know!  I want everyone who passes on this award to please notify me so I can reblog your awards here on The Cheeky Diva.

Thats it!  No questions, no 7 things about yourself, no making casseroles (unless you want to) and no fancy clothes to buy for an awards ceremony.

It’s a no-muss, no-fuss interweb pat on the back from the mutual admiration society.  So, thank you to all of you.  For keeping this page alive, which was doubtful a week ago.  Maybe I should have called it the Resident Evil Award.

13 thoughts on “The first ever Cheeky Diva Awards!

  1. Too funny! I’ll say it again – You are AWESOME! You are definitely one cheeky diva, and I am honored to be amongst the first ever recipients of your very cool award. I might even bake a casserole. And you are one damn fine pen pal yourself. 🙂

  2. Awe! You’re the best!!! You totally made my Monday morning 🙂 Thank you so much, it really means a lot to know that someone is benefiting from my blogging and that you enjoy it. I enjoy your blog immensely; your sense of humour and wit make me smile everytime I visit. Keep up the good work yourself and keep spreading the joy! ❤

  3. I LOVE it!! What an EXCELLENT IDEA, DAHHHHHLING! Okay, I know that was misspelled, but that’s how I would say it to you right now, LOL. The award looks truly awesome, where did you come up with it? Way to keep it going, Cheeky Diva!

    • I was looking for a stock, retro clip art image to use as a blanket avatar for a logo and I came up with this. It just says “eat this! I dare you!” You could do so much with this picture. I plastered it all over the place yesterday as my “look”. Now if you read The Cheeky Diva’s reviews on Amazon, or follow on Pinterest, etc, it all has a consistent look and feel. Soon to be appearing on T-shirts, coffee mugs and tote bags the world over. Buuuuaaaahaaaahaa!!! My hostile take over is underway.

  4. Well thank you so much! Your award was the shot in the arm I needed! Love your award design. It is so you!

    Why do you want to put being Freshly Pressed behind you? Was it a bad experience?

    Speaking of Scrabble, my iPad is out of cellular data and it won’t let me buy more. My cellular plan renews in a day or two so you can continue to humiliate me!

    Thank you Ms. Diva. I am honored to be one of your first Cheeky Diva award winners!

    • Thanks for the thumbs up on the design. Amazing what you can do with tacky clip art and Google Editing. That blank casserole dish could be a great place for a lot of captions.

      Bummer about the game, I’ve been so out of it, I didn’t even realize it was still your turn until about an hour ago, so don’t worry about it. If I didn’t have unlimited data, I’d be so screwed. I’d go over every month.

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