One Lovely Blog!…….now that I have given it a complete overhaul

Isn’t that pretty???  I was so honored to get this nod from thoughts of a lunatic.  It took a few days to get it here, since I’ve been busy with the makeover and the epiphany and a houseguest and a bunch of other lame excuses.   I want to say thanks before I start, because thoughts of a lunatic is a pretty cool blog that I enjoy reading immensely.  Now to claim this coveted prize, I must tell you 7 of my deepest darkest secrets.  Then I lock you in my underground lair, and no one gets out until you all know how to make a grilled cheese and peanut butter sambich.  Cuz peanut butter is the only thing that makes grilled cheese fit to eat in my book. ( can I count that as one of my things to tell you?)  So with out any further ado……..

1. Speaking of sambiches….which I love by the way, when eating a sandwich that contains both cheese and mustard, they cannot be touching each other or it makes it taste all wrong.  It is preferable if they are separated by the meat.  How the other condiments are arranged makes no difference.  ( No, I’m not some nutjob who has to have my food cut into tiny pieces, or served in a muffin pan so they don’t touch each other by the way.)

2. I love music.  I listen to music a lot. I buy a new cd, play it nonstop until I’m sick of it, and then usually don’t listen to it again for months, sometimes never.   The current flavor of the month is Picture Show by Neon Trees.  I got a really really really mad love for this band.

3. I am pretty low maintenance for a diva.  For real and for true!  I measure my regimen in inches- 1/4 growth of hair-shave legs.  1/2 inch growth-dye roots.  1/8 inch nail showing -manicure.  Keep it simple stupid.   That’s my mantra.

4.  Favorite foods-anything with chocolate or cheese and Mexican, Italian and Chinese.

5.  I’m a Pisces, I love chihuahuas and Chinese noodles.  That’s a lie.  I’m an Aquarius, and I love Corgis and think all noodles are equally delicious.

6. I am fairly healthy for a 47 year old smoker who is carrying a few extra pounds, but am in dire need of a  skeleton transplant.  Does anyone know if they do that?

7. I love smart phones as much as the next guy, but won’t buy another one until they are smart enough to do my laundry.

Okay, that’s enough about me…Here are 15 other Lovely Blogs!  I thought I would start with some folks from my area.  The first 5 are all other bloggers who are in or near Nebraska.

1. Flies Over Nebraska-A blog devoted to the joys of fly fishing, fatherhood and life in the Midwest.  I love this young man’s opinions and pictures, even though I don’t fish.

2. Larry’s Blog-Beautiful photography of our area and others.  Simply elegant.  Love it.

3. Feedyard Foodie-A very nice blog about raising cattle and Nebraska life .

4. Groovy Love, Scrubs & Chimichangas-On being a Nebraska Mom and Nurse.  Done with style and a sense of humor.

5. Visions by Chris Kaan– Beautiful rural photography.

Now on to other blogs I love that aren’t quite so close to home.  Or if they are, I’m unaware of it.

BreezyBooks-This gal is just too funny.  I enjoy her comments on my pages as much as the writing on her own.

Young And Divorced-Healing by sharing experiences with others.  A very lovely blog indeed.  A great place to stop for encouragement if you find yourself in this unhappy situation.  Well done.

Malibu Mom-Very funny stuff.  Not your typical mommyblog.

Make Me A Sammich-Recently Pressed, always delightful.

Sweet Hersey Kisses-Freshly Pressed on 8/17/12- But definitely worth following.  Amazing recipes, pictures and money saving ideas for a family on a budget.

Sofia Samsoee Photography–one word: WOW!

Idiot Prufs-Hilarious tales from real life.  Like squirt milk out of your nose funny.

She Walks Softly–another nod from me for this totally captivating and unique blog.

Losing 100 lbs.-A brave and amazing journey!

Ermiliablog-great blog for writers and readers.  Challenge yourself.  Join up!

BONUS NOMINEE:  How could I forget the wonderful blog: 4 Feet, 2 Mouths.  Wish you could take a year off?

Alright, time to go and notify my nominees about their major award!  Hope you have the time to give all of these a read.

23 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog!…….now that I have given it a complete overhaul

  1. Congrats on receiving the “One Lovely Blog Award”, and thank you SO MUCH for nominating mine; I’m quite honored!!! It may take me a little time to compile my deepest, darkest secrets, and my carefully chosen list of 15 other Lovely Blogs; but I promise to get it all done. Thank you so much Cheeky Diva!

  2. Thank you so much, my new best friend! I shared my excitement about the award with my husband, and his response was, “Is that the wiener whistle lady?” Well, yeah!! Thanks again, and thanks for recommending other great blogs to check out. 🙂

  3. I love the stats page, as of the time I published, my readers have already visited 6 of the blogs that I nominated. That’s what it’s all about. Bringing writers and readers together. Thanks you guys!!! Fan club president, my husband, will be mailing all of you a whistle soon.

      • First, quick question – did my comment appear in your comment section, as normal? Or did it appear in your spam section? Because normally right after i post a comment, I can see it, but lately I haven’t been able to see them, and I don’t know if they’re posting. Or what.

        Second, I had Fresh and Clean right before I had Oxygen, so of course I like it!

      • Yep, they are appearing in spam. I wonder if mine are doing the same thing. I have had more spam today than usual. Some good ones too. Check my spam page, I’m adding more all the time it seems.

  4. Thanks so much for including my blog and nominating it as “Lovely”! I had to laugh as I read your “about me” section, as I remember my mother making me do the DAR essay contest as well…I look forward to reading more of your “ramblings” and will do my best to live up to being “A lovely blog”.

    All the best,

  5. Wow!! I am flabergasted! (I have no idea how to spell that word. Is it even a real word? Oh my gosh I have no idea how the heck I passed ANY English classes.) I am so honored that you enjoyed my blog enough after a visit to nominate me! I’m going to announce it all over facebook and people will think it is a HUGE award…. I think I’ll let them believe it because I am THAT excited!! Not even having my kids climb all over me as I try to type this message (true story) could bring me down! FYI…. I love Neon Trees. I blast their music so loud in the soccer mom van I drive. People all over town must think I’m a nut job. Ok enough chit chat, I’m going to snoop around your blog now!
    Thank you so much for the immense support you have shown me!

    PS- All typos and gramatical errors are to be blamed on the kids climbing all over me. True story…

  6. Thanks for the “Pat on the back”! It is nice to know that people other then my mother and grandmother not only read but appricate my blog as well! I haven’t been blogging long, so this is big motiviation for moving forward. I’ll have to put together my own “acceptance” post. Thanks so much!

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    • You’re so welcome! I love your blog. Today is a great day! My head is reeling from being Freshly Pressed. I feel like my blog is on an information superhighway or something. Ha ha!!! Keep eating and traveling!

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