My Cheeky Life……The Art Of Being Marvelous

Now just tell me that isn’t a great book title!?

I’ve got goosebumps on my goosebumps.  I think I’m gonna do it.  I have been prevented from writing a book forever because I thought it had to be great, epic, outstanding.  Fiction to make you weep and change your life forever.  Instructions for a better mousetrap.  The answer to the meaning of life.   What a load!  I can’t cure cancer or stop world hunger.  Why try to re-invent the wheel here?  That’s not what I’m all about.

In writing this blog and reading others, I see that it’s not just okay to be exactly who you are.  It’s more than OK.  It kicks ass!   Who you, me, all of us, are is marvelous; and we all have something to say that sets us apart from the next guy.  We’re oddballs!     Time to  flaunt it and be proud of it.

I am good at a lot of things, but what I’m best at is making people think I’m fabulous when on the inside, I feel mediocre.  In fact I started this blog to ward off the evil specter of depression and self loathing.  Why not take all of my experiences, real or imagined, and put them down in a nice, Kindle ready format for the masses to purchase with handy one-click ordering????

I don’t have to write the latest greatest self-help book.  I don’t have to write the story that causes a dogfight for the movie rights.  I can’t teach you to be a powerful wizard.  What I can teach you is how to be all but indispensable in your own little corner of the world.  Hopefully I can make you laugh-at me, and yourself- in the process.

Being a mom is hard, being married is hard.  Growing old, fitting in, working, socializing…they all take work!  Being the hostess with the mostess doesn’t just happen!  Can I take someone similar to me, and make their life just a little easier by sharing a few secrets?  Hell yeah.  Can I make sure they live a life of peace and prosperity?  Probably not.  But I can help them take a stunner of a dessert to a pot luck, or make sure their kid is the cutest one on the block at Halloween.

What prompted this epiphany?  You ask.  Well, I’ve been reading and conversating with many wonderful writers in recent days, many who write books.  On varied and spectacular topics.  I don’t know shit about spectacular topics.  BUT-I have a knack for making something ordinary seem extra-ordinary  extraordinary.

Take those swirling thoughts, that haven’t done much but circle the drain of self fulfilling prophecies, and then throw on some gasoline,…. okay……..I’m waiting….somebody toss a match on there to light a fire under the ass of this idea….

To make sense of this less than perfect analogy:

1-swirling thoughts~my silly dreams of being a writer

2-the drain of doubt~keeping those thoughts with you, clogging the plumbing of your otherwise normal life.

3-gasoline~the encouragement of others, writing on a daily basis, liking it, and getting positive feedback.

And yesterday, there it was!!!

4-the all important match~

I got a “like” and a “follow”  from another blogger.  Always appreciated, but not unusual I am finding.  This was one I hadn’t seen before, and many thanks to them for finding me.

Whenever I get a like and/or follow  from an unfamiliar blog, the first thing I do is go and have a look see.  Is this blog like me, or not like me. Do we share the same interests, tags, categories.  How did they find me and why do they like me?

I found 5 Things To Do Today absolutely charming.  The author invites readers to submit their list of 5 things, he reads, publishes, and adds a  link to the blogs of those who submitted. I really think everyone should submit something.   In true cheeky fashion, I submitted an email, which resulted in this:  This is the link to the story I just re-blogged.

This my new found friends, was the match.  I had so much fun with this, that this morning, while attempting to win my daily battle with my frizzy hair, it dawned on me that this little thing…this seemingly insignificant bit of fluff is a book waiting to be born.  I really could fill dozens of pages with stuff like this.  The realization not only filled me with a rare and much welcome excitement, but sent my mind reeling back in time to all of the passions and projects, successes and failures on my journey through life as an adult.
The knowledge gained from years of PTO meetings, holidays, football parties, cooking “experiments”  and creative wielding of a glue gun don’t have to die with me anymore.  Countless hours of research on sewing, cooking, gardening, crafting and other junk can be passed down to a new generation of women trying to fake it till they make it.
My book doesn’t have to be big, or important, or weighty.  It’s not really going to change anyone’s life except mine.  But oh wow!  Why did it take so long to realize it could just be what it is?  Me on the page.  Hmmmm…. I feel changed already!

She think she so funny, she think she write book. She think people read it. Ha ha ha.
Creepy Eskimo know better. She set up for pie in face. Eskimo Pie–now that funny!!!


9 thoughts on “My Cheeky Life……The Art Of Being Marvelous

  1. I like the Eskimo! 😀
    Hahahahah, I love the way you write!
    Keep blogging, and when you get started on your book, make sure you stay focused throughout the process. I lose myself and the basic point of what and why I had been writing and that kills me.

    • Why thank you darling!-What’s great about this kind of book is that I don’t have to focus!-Much. It will be little snippets of my wisdom, so I don’t have to deal with pesky things like plot, character arcs and other nonsense! A daily devotional of how to be sought after and desired as it were. With the soccer mom set anyway.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad I found a new creative outlet. Since I can’t really plan another wedding, I found myself with nothing to do, and I had no idea what a great choice writing would be for me. It’s been such a long time. So glad you are enjoying reading. It means a lot to me.

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