Cheeky Diva getting a facelift

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They say I’m lovely… what? My blog, not ME? Godam DeMille, I got a 4 am make up call for THIS?

I’ve decided that I like doing the blog thing.  Bloggity bloggity blog.  I could do it all the livelong day.  But, in writing, cutting and pasting, pointing and clicking and ooohing and aahing over other blogs the last almost month, it’s come to my attention that while it’s chock full of spectacular content and junk, my blog looks like crap.  I was recently nominated for One Lovely Blog…but it ain’t so lovely to me, so until I get it looking a little better, you won’t hear much more about that.

EEEEEEEE!!!!- (photo Prime Unreality)

Probably not quite as bad as Pete Burns new face (he used to be so handsome), but you get the idea.  The Oxygen theme looked almost idiot proof when I chose it.  Slick, polished, modern, swanky, chic and swell.  It didn’t take me long in my bumbling efforts to take it from all of those hip and cool adjectives to what it is right now–an amateurish, busy, eye torturing click happy nightmare.

Come on, readers, where’s my nomination? I know you are dying to give me this one.

I tried on a new theme today.  I didn’t like that one much either.  But, Grrrrrrr, when I switch back my previous theme, all of my saved dooohickeys have been unsaved and I am starting all over.  So, when you visit and think to yourself….hmmmm, this page didn’t look like that yesterday, or even an hour ago…..It’s because I’m here in my car  corner, again, a prisoner until 6 pm and AGAIN nothing to do, but the zoo-keepers won’t let me go home.  So, I will do more pointing and clicking and fussing-with something that was probably just fine before I got my hands on it.

Please chime in and save me from myself.  If I’m not stopped, this blog may become as obnoxious and over widgetized as my facebook page….that I rarely visit because they’ve just stuck too much crap on it….and my friends add their own crap, well, not really their own, someecards, and religious posters and politcal rants….I’m the only one that adds crap I can actually claim as my own….where was I headed here?.…Oh yeah…In a nutshell…..

I have apparently found my voice,  and TAAAAA DAAAAA!!!  I love it!…..But, the search continues to find my face.

Any one who has an idea on what would be a good “face” for The Cheeky Diva, in terms of themes and what not please let me know.  Anyone who is using the Oxygen Theme also pipe up, as I would like to see what you are doing with it.  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Cheeky Diva getting a facelift

  1. I keep trying to work with mine but the version squishes everything.

    Love your blog. I hope you will take the time to stop by my blog and peek around. I write humor and satire. #1 Best of Lady or Not is the most fun category to scroll through. Leave a comment if you do!



  2. I could do the “Blogggity bloggity blog” thing all day long too, it’s quite addictive! I’ve been trying on new themes for my site also, but I’m afraid to go beyond the preview mode, for fear I will lose something important. For themes, I don’t know if you like clean lines, or splashes of bold colors? I like Rusty Grunge, Nuntius,… gosh there are a lot of choices.
    Good luck with working it all out! Maybe you’ll inspire me to do a blog face lift also!

    • So glad you stopped by, I feel really dumb about what I said on your blog–I didn’t realize that you live in Nebraska too, until I read more of your posts today. I thought you were just vacationing here. It’s so awesome that you live here too! –Anyhoo, I like clean and orderly, want some white space, and the Oxygen Theme page makes it look so good. Not sure exactly what I’m not liking about what I’m doing. I don’t see a lot of people using this theme, but one of my favorite bloggers uses it and uses it well, but he’s been at this a lot longer than I have, and he’s so funny I can’t stand it. You should check him out.

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