And now for something completely different…..



I have decided to show all doubters  that I am more than a one trick diva.  Today, I ran across something outside of my comfort zone.  Possibly very far outside.  Two fellow bloggers, have given a challenge.-

Ermilia’s picture it & write

They post a picture once every two weeks.  Blog writers who chose to participate simply copy and paste the pic and the logo to their own blog.  They then write what ever story the picture tells them.  I thought this would be challenging, fun and show my reader’s a different side of me.  So, here goes!  Please let me know what you think.


David loved to walk across this bridge.  Since he had left small town life behind, it took the place of his beloved karaoke drive..  The karaoke drive was meant to shake off the sleepy, get him going and ready for a day full of smart-ass kids .  He would listen to his favorite music  and sing as loud as possible on the winding roads that took him the short distance from home to work.  Driving in the city made him angry, so the karaoke drive  didn’t work to start his day the way it used to. Instead, he walked the bridge.  Amy dropped him off on one side before she drove the kids to school.  The university was on the other side.  It was a delicious and relaxing way to clear his head before a long day.

He loved to think of Amy on this daily walk, how good she was with the kids, how maturity was so attractive on her.  Slowly over time taking her from adorable to striking.  How his love for her had truly deepened over the years,  and how he was still thrilled to wake up next to her every morning.  He smiled  as he wondered if he would ever know every detail about her.

It was a little damp and brisk this morning,  the mist churning up needles of icy water from the abnormally active river below.   David’s jacket was light enough to let the chill through.  He stuck his clammy hands in his pockets.  Oh my god!  Where is it?   It had to be there.  It was always there.   But it wasn’t.  He stopped.  He furiously patted himself down.  Beads of sweat forming on his brow, he wildly retraced his steps in his mind.  I know I put it in there.  She gave me the eye roll when I slipped it in my pants pocket.  

With a sigh of short-lived relief, David slipped his hands into his empty pants pocket.  Not there.  Not there, not there, not there, not there!!!  Godamn stupid slash pockets.  I never should have bought these stupid pants!  He desperately choked back the first tears of panic as he checked every pocket in his pants, shirt and jacket one more time and came up with nothing.

He looked over the side of the bridge, his heart sinking.  The aching ripping him apart like a giant industrial strength zipper.  Jumping in the water after it would be a stupid, fruitless one way ticket to an early death.   Even if he found it through some heavenly miracle, triumphantly gripping it for one fleeting moment before drowning almost wasn’t worth it.

He decided that this was the last time he would ever walk the bridge.  It would no longer be a source of contemplation, rejuvenation and reflection for him.    From now on, this would only be the place where he had lost his beloved Wiener Whistle.

13 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…..

  1. OH MY GOD!!! Julie, you are killing me!! That is so well written, and so funny!! Just yesterday, you were telling me to get on with my bad writing self, and look at this masterpiece you’ve written! I think I woke my husband up in the other room, I let out such a loud laugh. You need to write more fiction!

    • Thank you Maddie. I did this while my husband was in the other room with our son watching tv. When we crawled in bed, he got the email notification that I had another post on my blog. He said, “You just did this?” I said “Yep, while you guys were watching Hardcore Pawn”…..reading….reading…. “Wiener Whistle?!” He didn’t know what a Wiener Whistle was. I was the one laughing then.

      • I am still laughing this morning – truly. You know my husband loves his wiener whistle. I was so impressed with your descriptive writing, the last line took me completely by surprise. A friend wants us to meet him and his wife for ice cream after work today. Hubby’s text back: “I’ll let you know late this afternoon because I woke up last night and the wife was getting ice for drambui and giggling uncontrollably.”

      • So sorry to disrupt your domicile- give your husband my apologies. -I had entertained the thought of ending the story on a happy note, like the wife sending a text that she found the whistle in her car, but, I was already stretching myself with the whole melancholy thing anyway. Why take a perfectly good (albiet humorous) tragic ending and ruin it with a Hollywood focus group treatment? Thanks again for all of your thoughts. I really appreciate it. Bantering with all of you “real writers” is such a gas!

  2. Great work. So tragic. I loved this description ‘The aching ripping him apart like a giant industrial strength zipper’. Thanks for contributing!

    – Ermisenda

    • And you’ll be starting your own shiny new blog when? I would love it if you did, and so would the rest of the world. Luring you to my front porch with the promise of booze to hear your thoughts is rather taxing.

      • Someday when your fabulous-ness inspires me or when my job stops sucking away my will. In the meantime I have you to look forward to!!

      • In the meantime, I guess, I will enjoy the rare front porch drinkfests and admiring those amazing quilts you make. You may contribute your own secrets as an amazing mom/wife/artist/person to my book until you carve out the time to do more writing. You can be a co author.

  3. Fabulous! Haha, life almost can’t go on without your wiener whistle. Poor David. I loved the Karaoke drive stress relief. These actually post every week, so I hope you’ll be back Sunday/Saturday.

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