Welcome to my weird little world…

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park Colorado. Massive and imposing, but not creepy at all during the day.

Since purchasing my first cell phone with a camera a few years ago, I have developed a love for taking pictures.  Now that I have a phone with a camera that’s better than my actual camera, it’s possible for the first time for me to capture people, places and things that might just be suitable for framing.  I like to snap a quick shot of almost anything that strikes me as beautiful or memorable, but I also love those weird little things that cause me to pause long enough to look a second time.   Things that are odd, out of place or just strike my fancy.  I thought I would share some things I’ve captured recently.

There is no theme, no order, no sense to what appears or why.  I just chose to show you a peek at the world as I see it.  The subject matter is for the most part very mundane, but for one reason or another, all of these shots are memorable to me.  Thanks for taking a look!

This adorable  little clump, that looks more like the heart of an alien than something you would want to feed a shiny new husband, had one brief moment in the sun, while I contemplated whether or not to serve it for dinner.  It had inadvertently been left out over night during the weekend when we obtained a new refrigerator.  It never made it to the table.  My darling husband was eternally grateful.

Here we have another awwwwwwww picture of my cute little puppy Daisy.  She is really the Cheeky Diva of the house.  Here she is, pining for what is on the other side of her cute little puppy fence.  Even tiny princesses yearn for freedom.

When she pulls stunts like eating my wedding shoes, I should put her in “The Hole”, but how can I?  Just look at that face!

It’s been a really hot and dry summer in Nebraska.  My lawn looks pretty dreadful, depsite much watering.

But hey!  It looks a hell of a lot better than my neighbor’s yard.  Ha!

Creepy Eskimo on the back of a truck.  Captured while driving to Omaha on I-80.  There’s a terrific caption in there just bursting to be written, but I’ll be damned if I can get it out.  I have to laugh at this picture every time I see it.

More I-80 fun.  It’s good to know that two of our old favorites, Cage and Nolte are staying busy by keeping Nebraska rest areas clean and sanitary for weary travelers.  Way to go guys!  Thanks!

And yet another I-80 treasure.  I was very tempted to submit this photo and the location it was taken to History Channel’s American Pickers.  My husband had a suspicion that they have already been here.

This year, for our annual classic car extravaganza, Cruise Nite, Nebraska native Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan, stopped by to make an appearance.   She’s the one in the middle.

 This scene was a photo opp just waiting to happen.  The poor Nissan Cube, waiting to be picked up.  Hoping against hope that its owner comes before the lot closes.  The Pontiac and the Buick are just waiting to beat the crap out of the nerdy little car.

That’s all for now, faithful followers, I am hoping to get a shot of the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile today as it makes it way through our sleepy hamlet.  Woo hoo!  The Hot Wheels version has been on my desk for as many years as I can remember.  It was a gift from my kids.  Vrooooom Vroooom!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to my weird little world…

    • Wiener whistle! Man I wish I had one of those. The adult in me won out over lunch. I chose to go home and let the evil dog out and return a book to the library, so a friend who works where it is parked is getting a pic in my absence. By the way, the wienermobile sits on my desk with The Creature From The Black Lagoon, Spongebob, a snowglobe from Philadelphia, a good health Buddha and a little sculpture of the See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys. They don’t really care what kind of crap litters your desk here. Thanks for stopping by!

      • I know you are newly married (congratulations), but you and my husband would get along great. When he naps on the sofa, he covers himself with a Spongebob blanket. 🙂 I’ve been following a while and enjoy your humor; thought I’d pop up and say hello.

  1. Why thank you, I just read a few of your posts as well. Congrats on your book review and I applaud you for home schooling. I’m afraid I would have lost my mind if I had to be with my own kids 24/7-One year for Christmas, my kids thought it would be hilarious to get me ALL Spongebob presents. -T shirt, pajamas, socks, pillow, notepad, lunchpail etc. I actually still have and use or wear most of them. Kids!

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