Well, I’ll be dipped! Reader Appreciation Award

Look Mom, not as worthless as you led me to believe!

Last night, as I watched the Olympics, wallowing in the quicksand of underachieving loserdom,  pondering why I have accomplished next to nothing in almost 50 years on this ball of dirt, I received an email, via my handy dandy space age Droid.  This time it wasn’t a job offer from yet another life insurance company, or a last chance to pick up what wasn’t purchased from my wedding registry at Bed Bath and Beyond , or even that prices have been slashed on Viagra and Prozac at the Canadian pharmacy that for some reason thinks I have a need for both.

This email was from our wonderful fellow blogger Daniela, writer of the  lovely blog The lantern Post.  Daniela writes an elegant and thought provoking blog that covers many topics;  travel, writing, and life in general to name a few.  Every time I visit her pages, it makes me feel relaxed and inspired at the same time, much like a nice hot bath with a really boozy drink.

I was honored, humbled and thrilled to read that our fair Daniela has nominated The Cheeky Diva for the Reader Appreciation award.  After just 21 short days of writing this blog, I am already blown away by the number of people who are seeing, reading and commenting on my special brand of failure, so a nomination like this is a very welcome and appreciated, if undeserved surprise.

Of course, this whole blogging thingy isn’t about the writing.  It’s about the glory, the accolades, the recognition and the prestige.  I assumed that the nods would come rolling in eventually, but I had no idea it would start happening after just three short weeks.  Most Forgettable Blog, Least Likely To Be Read, Worst of Word Press and Shunned By All Who Know You are the awards I expect to be receiving in my inbox any day now.  Imagine my surprise when I was selected for something nice!

If I choose to accept this nomination, (which I do, gladly) I must follow the rules, which are-

-Announce the nomination and the nominator, with a pic of the award on my latest greatest post.  Thanks again, Daniela!

-Tell 7 little known things about myself –

1-I recently married my college sweetheart- after a 25 year separation, and a romance worthy of a film adaptation by Frank Capra.-Some of you may have already gathered this from reading previous posts, but just tell me this fact isn’t worth repeating.  Come on, I dare you.  Together, we have a grand total of 6 fabulous kids. 

2-My favorite author is Jane Austen–  This woman was so far ahead of her time.  What could she have done if she was living now, with endless opportunities and freedom?

3-My personal hero is Julia Child- What a darling!  An inspiration to oddballs and late bloomers everywhere!  “My Life In France” was one of my favorite books.  I loved it so much I actually bought it.  Which is rare.

4-I would love to be a world traveler-, but since I’m afraid of airplanes, don’t like to sleep in any bed but my own, and my tummy has an irrational fear of strange food, it’s unlikely until the Star Trek transporter becomes an accepted mode of travel.

5-I love my sci-fi and fantasyBut only in the movies.  I just can’t visualize the worlds created without help from expert film makers.  This includes vampires.  I thought they were cool long before they started sparkling and playing baseball. 

6-I can stick my entire fist in my mouth-but I usually reserve this talent for birthday parties and family gatherings.  Nothing like this to draw shock and awe from small children and distant cousins.

7- I can’t think of anything else, I’m not that interesting. 


 Nominate 5 to 10 fellow bloggers as well-  So here they are, the ones I read as often as I can, and appreciate them all for what they are.  Diverse, engaging, funny and enlightening-

Edward Hotspur-The blog with mulitple personality disorder.  I never know if a post will make me laugh out loud or bring me to tears.  Lots of fun stuff to read.

SheWalks Softly-incredible images of some of the rarest and oddest things I’ve ever seen.  Delightful captions and commentary as well.

Snotting Black-very funny thoughts on every day life.

TraceyKParker-hilarious blog on all things wordy. Thoughts on writing and teaching and very funny book reviews.

BottledWorder–  Great pictures with great stories.

Tales Of An Overtime Cook-Beautiful food and recipe blog with excellent photographs.

Fathead Follies-Wonderful, random, funny and charming.  She caught my attention by posting a news story from my home town.

Mark Armstrong Illustration.  He had me at Lizzie Borden

Stuff I didn’t Buy-for the wistful window shopper in all of us.

-Notify these deserving bloggers of the nod.-I will be doing that very shortly.

To all who I have nominated, keep writing the stuff we love to read.  You have all helped brighten my days in this last three weeks, and opened my eyes to the fact that there is still a place in this sleek over processed world for  wonderment as well as just plain silly.

So thanks to all who are reading, and also to those who are writing.  What a wonderful community this is.  It is my honor and privilege to be a part of it. –


7 thoughts on “Well, I’ll be dipped! Reader Appreciation Award

  1. Thank you for such kind and thoughtful acknowledgment!
    Keep blogging; you have such a wonderful voice (I can see you now making this into something cheeky … oh just go ahead -:)).

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  3. Mercy–! I was just reading the list of blogging awards you expected to receive. I was shaking at Least Likely To Be Read, I was roaring at Worst Of WordPress, and I was crying at Shunned By All Who Know You…!! Now I’ll hafta get a bucket and mop up all these tears!! On second thought: let the puddles evaporate… : P

    Well, your witty make-believe awards clearly show why you got the Reader Appreciation Award– and you deserve it!! Sincere congrats– you’re a force for good in the blogging community!

    And thanks for nominating me in turn. I’m proud to stand up here with you, and all my fellow nominees. Uh… they are giving us all gold medals, aren’t they?

    Thanks, Julie!! : )

    • Well, I just got a pink Cadillac, I’m sure as soon as you post your nomination and your choices for other nominees as well, it will be pulled into your driveway. No gold medals yet though, that must be some other award.

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