Evolution of a masterpiece…..pppppffffftttt

Perfect picture for deep thoughts. Honeymoon photo. Alluvial Fan, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado. May 2012

PART 1-Can funny and not so funny share the same blog?

Okay, so you may have read my post the other day about why I am doing this.  Thanks, and yay for me.  Now, as I look at this mess I’ve created, I have to wonder not why, I’m doing this, but how to do it.

When I’ve said “Hey! I’m writing a blog! Check it out!” to people, after the initial eye roll, the first response is “Really?  What’s it about.”

My reply usually goes something like this:  “…………um…..”

I haven’t exactly found an answer to that question yet. It’s not really “about” anything.  It’s merely my observations, stupid ramblings, memories, stuff I think is funny, etc, etc, etcetera~.

Should it be funny, should it be serious, can it possibly be both?  Can my blog have a dual personality?  Or do I have to split it down the middle? Like the delicate separation of conjoined twins.  Hoping desperately that neither loses a vital organ in the process.  I can’t imagine actually trying to maintain two of these things.  I would have time for little else in my life if I did.

Yesterday was a particularly bad day.  I was knee deep in the wet cement of self doubt/pity/loathing.  I didn’t even write anything.  It was bad enough to read the words of others and feel totally outclassed. What am I doing here?  Is this destined to be the Mae Mobley of blogs?  “You good, you kind, you important.”-Spoon fed to me by friends and family who shake their heads and hope I just outgrow this embarrassing and very  public load of crap I’m spewing to express myself?  I certainly hope not.

My husband and I had a nice long talk about this exercise in narcissism last night.  I told him about Word Press, and about all of the blogs I’ve been reading.  How some are very serious, some are hilarious, some are all about the words, and some are primarily devoted to the simple idea of powerful pictures with pithy and perfect captions.  All beautiful, wonderful and meaningful in their own way.  Each totally unique and individual.  A brain child of their creator (ha ha-I typed this as “crater” the first time, and almost left it there on purpose).

Even he was asking me questions about the blog.  Am I writing about the evil puppy?  Am I sharing my inner most thoughts?  Asked what I’d said about him.    Whaaaa???– I’ve been doing this for almost two weeks.  I talk about it every day.  Have you even read this stuff I’m working so hard on???

Unbeknownst to me, but knownst to him,  he had chosen not to read my work until invited.  He didn’t want me to feel like he was being nosy or intrusive. Or accused of  trying to buy the wine before its time, as it were.  While I initially felt hurt by what I thought was his lack of interest, I do appreciate his hesitance for my benefit.  After living with a woman who spent months sewing a wedding gown in secrecy, he knows I am all about the big reveal.  This man knows me better than I know myself.  I should marry him all over again!  Even though I just did that three months ago.

I want to be read and heard.  I want to make people laugh.  But even a cheesy paint by number clown has tears, right?  I do have a serious thought every now and then, and I wouldn’t mind forcing you to read those too, when I choose to write about them.

I don’t want to be guilty of the ol’ bait and switch.  I don’t want to direct you to my oh so hilarious funny ha ha blog, and  have you scratching your head when you see something a little deeper than a quarter inch.  I guess I want it all.  I want to be funny, but I also want to be taken seriously.

It does take a heapin’ helpin’ of brain power to appear silly and/or stupid.  To   people who are silly and stupid, it comes naturally.  To those of us who attempt to amuse you,  stupidity is something that must be practiced, tweaked and polished.  For me, it’s important that you know I’m doing it on purpose.  Therein lies the dilemma.  What’s the best way to let your readers know that the dumb is a persona, not the person?

So, while I struggle to find myself (barf), I hope you as readers and critics will be willing to throw your bouquets (and your rocks and garbage) at both sides of my writing.   I appreciate that you have read far enough to “like” at the bottom of the page.  Many thanks! 

 I am asking for helpful suggestions regarding this.  Not the writing–Puleeez, don’t critique the writing, my skin is way too thin for that!  I am asking about the delicate balance of funny and serious.  What do you think? Please weigh in and give  your thoughts.   Stay tuned for part two-“formatting”—-ooooh!  I know you can’t wait! 

I still live with childhood nicknames like “dork” and “tard”- We  received a wedding gift  addressed to “Tard & Eric”

-yes, really.  *sigh*

The quest to be taken seriously continues.

5 thoughts on “Evolution of a masterpiece…..pppppffffftttt

  1. You will find your focus after writing several posts. My posts lean on the humorous, but I wax philosophical. I focus on writing and the writing life. You will determine your focus in time.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. I started on the 10th of July (close to when you started?) and even though I knew what I wanted to write about–writing and my experiences doing it–it still took a few posts before I got my feet under me. And you know what, I’m still learning. But I’m loving it.

    Best of luck to you and he sounds like a good man.

    • Thank you so much! Good luck on your novels. It sounds like you have very ambitious writing goals. And about my new husband? He is a very sweet man, and I couldn’t do this without his support and input.

      • Ambitious? Oh yes, but that’s just the kick in my pants that I know I need to keep myself on the straight and narrow. I’ve already floundered a time or two and that’s when I really start to get blocked up, hopefully by pushing that’ll happen less often and I’ll course correct sooner.

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