Lunchbox Grasshopper Cocktail-not just for the playground anymore


Disclaimer-The Cheeky Diva does not condone, endorse, encourage, or promote giving alcoholic beverages to children. In fact, I find it deplorable, but, I can’t deny that the thought has crossed my mind fleetingly once or twice.

Do you have a medium sized group that you need to corral, subdue or sedate?  A classroom full of kiddies?  A group of bored execs? Do you need to snazz up the snack at your assisted living condo to curb the epidemic of STD’s?  Look no further!  A yummy green snack on the tray of your victim is just what you need to give yourself the peace and quiet you deserve.  With a few things you probably have lying around the house you can give the people in your care a relaxing  and delicious treat to soothe them between feedings. 


Nothing says homemade like a #10 can

1 #10 can of vanilla pudding

2 Big-ass bottles of mouthwash.  I find that Scope Outlast tends to be the booziest

1 bottle of chocolate flavored syrup.  (Clear would be the best, but where do you find that? Without actually adding real booze, like Creme De Cocoa?)

That’s it!  3 simple things, one peaceful afternoon for you!

Mix ingredients together in a large bowl.  I guess that would have to be a really big bowl, wouldn’t it?  You may scoop your creation into cups, or serve in glasses with a straw for quicker results.  It may also be frozen, the alcohol content should give this  slushy or smoothie consistency.  I think, maybe.  I dunno, I haven’t actually tried this one on anyone yet.

I like my booze minty fresh

This versatile dessert/cocktail/sedative can be prepared a number of ways.  Use Ensure pudding for your mature charges, pistachio for hipster foodies, and it can even be concocted in your break room at work, using in individual pudding pack and a travel sized bottle of mouthwash and a melty Hershey’s kiss, right from your purse, or satchel, or whatever you carry your important crap in.

It can also be made with cream, non dairy creamer (though I don’t recommend using the powdered kind) or ice cream.  Trust me, whatever you can find that is in the milk family, the booze family and the chocolate family will make this work.  Sometimes beggars can’t be choosers.

Please let me know how this works for you!  I would love to hear your own variations and experiences with this, as well as my other recipes.

5 thoughts on “Lunchbox Grasshopper Cocktail-not just for the playground anymore

    • As I went to approve your much appreciated compliment, I noticed the “are you sure about this?” box in my dashboard. Are you kidding me? People don’t say such nice things very often. Who wouldn’t approve ! 🙂 Thank you very much. I will do my best to live up to your kind words.

      • Well, I think we all need kudos now and then. I once had someone tell me that if you thought something nice about someone and didn’t tell them, it was a sin. I’ve done much more sinful things than not give someone a compliment, but I am sincere when I give them… and try to do them more often. Of course, I’m an attention addict, so I assume everyone else is too, haha! Great blog!

      • Let’s just say this. Do I dare tell my wonderful new husband of less than three months that nothing warms my heart like the glowing adoration of total strangers? So I share your addiction for attention as well. And if your theory is true, I believe we are in excellent company here. Among millions of very talented attention seekers like ourselves. Wonderful photos by the way.

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