Weekly photo challenge: Inside

The Lair. It’s not underground, or hidden in the side of a mountain, but it works, nonetheless.

I guess this would have to fall under the heading of building a dream.  I am fortunate enough to count myself among the most blessed people in the world.  Just shy of three months ago, I had the miraculous good fortune to join hands in marriage with my college sweetheart, my one true long lost love, after a 25 year separation.  An occasion like this deserves a fairy tale wedding, complete with all the trappings, trimmings and doo dads.

Of course, the dress is the focal point of many, if not most weddings.  But, since this was to be the celebration of a lifetime, it was decided that most of the budget would go towards the important stuff: Booze and food. In that order.  That left me with a budget of about $79.95 for the wedding gown of my dreams.  Um….yeah…How can you possibly play out the happy ending of a miraculous story if you look like your Fairy God Mother stopped at Prom Dress Rejects  to pick up your ball gown?

After trying on and falling in love with gowns well over $1000, I made the decision to make my own wedding gown.  Everyone thought I was insane, and was pretty damn sure I couldn’t pull it off.  Of course, that even made it more important that I do it myself.  I’ll show you all.  BUUUAAAAHAAAAHAAAAAA!

pieces of a puzzle that I have no picture for

Flying without a net, armed only with a workhorse Janome Memory Craft 3000 and a will to succeed, I trudged through the murky waters of fashion design for the ignorant.  My mom bought this machine for me in the days when I was splitting my sewing time between maternity clothes, baby quilts and Halloween costumes.  “If I can use this contraption to turn my kid into Darth Vader, I can certainly use it to turn myself into a (very old) fairy princess.” was my mantra for the months that followed.

Hot mess dress-inside a wedding gown at the “Oh my god, what was I thinking? Stage”

These pictures represent the word “inside” to me because you get a look “inside” my lair, a look “inside” of me and my creative process, and of course, the “inside” of the gown under construction.  Splaying it’s unfinished entrails for the world to view in awe.  Har har.

I started mock ups of the dress in May of 2011, and on May 5, 2012, I proudly wore my imperfect but pretty damn good labor of love hot mess homemade wedding gown when I said “I do” to the one and only person who has ever held my heart completely and known exactly how to take care of it.

And they lived happily ever after.

It was a fairy tale wedding, fit for a Diva, cheeky or otherwise. With the most handsomest groom ever.

13 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Inside

    • Thank you! It’s amazing how freeing it is to one’s creativity when you let certain preconceived notions fly out the window–like the fact that breathing is a necessity. Thanks to my vanity and unrealistic quest for a Scarlett O’Hara-esque waistline, I was laced into this thing so tight that I had bruised ribs at the end of the night. Oh well, the pictures last forever and you can hardly see me turning blue unless you look really close. Thanks again for looking!

    • Awe shucks! Never would have happened without your help! My new fridge works by the way, but my freezer seems to be full of left over margaritas in buckets. Care to help me with THAT problem?

  1. Oh wow! I am totally in awe of this. The dress is beautiful, you look gorgeous in it, and I loved the background story and I did have a giggle at your mantra “”If I can use this contraption to turn my kid into Darth Vader, I can certainly use it to turn myself into a (very old) fairy princess.” Yay!

    • Thanks for taking a look. Dying to make some stuff I can really use and wear now. Quilts and old lady clothes are it for now. Can’t wait to slip on my orthopedic shoes and put the pedal to the metal.

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