Let the Cruise begin…7:30 am


Look at this.  It’s so quiet, so peaceful.  A beautiful Saturday morning.  You can see those highly polished beauties just starting to take their positions in front of the shops, boutiques and cafes.  By noon, the streets will be lined with custom rat-rods, shelled out barn finds, roadsters, muscle cars and late model classic wannabes.  There will also be hundreds of admirers, enthusiasts and curious townfolk.  Live music, corndogs, cheap sunglasses, porta-potties and kids of all ages will be out in droves for the one weekend that this sleepy little town really cuts loose.

It will be over 100 degrees in the downtown area, which is referred to as “The Bricks”.  But that won’t stop people from staring, admiring, oohing and aahing, and appreciating the art that is the classic automobile.  Some folks hate this weekend, and get out of town before the noise, the smoke and the traffic form a bubble around our fair hamlet.

But I for one, live for this weekend.  I don’t have a classic car, don’t know the first thing about cars, which is ironic, since I work at a dealership, ..but I know what I like, and the car to me is the perfect example of beauty and function, blended perfectly to serve more than one purpose.  A car can get you where you need to go.  But a beautiful and rare car, can take you somewhere in style.

The turquoise paint, the chrome embellishments, the white tuck and roll leather-without a crack despite its age, is a thing of wonder.  Giant fins, taillights as big as your head, and suicide doors are treasures from the past that need to be preserved.

Forget all that for a minute, and think about what an event like this can do to and for a town of this size.  The people, the money, the excitement, …the hotels and restaurants are full, the people come out to socialize, the kids stare in wonder at the whole glittering parade of sparkle and shine.  This weekend above all others, really breathes life into this place.  Love it or hate it, Cruise Night is ours.  Cruise Night is us.  Welcome to our town.  Bring your beauty, let us give you a place to showcase its charms.  Tell the people back home what a great place Kearney is.  Tell them you will be back next year.

That’s the nostalgic, sappy side of Cruise Night.  This event also has a wild side, which happens later.  Of course, you’ll hear about that too.

Well.....let's hear it!

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